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The lunar New Year holiday passengers 190 million passengers across the country

Date: 2020-02-04

Civil aviation passengers 190 million person-time, travel fell nearly 73% from last year.

Due to the affected by the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, this year the lunar New Year holiday passengers number has fallen dramatically.On February 3, according to information released by the Ministry of Transport website, influenced by a novel coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak, the lunar New Year holiday for 10 days, estimated national railway, road, waterway and civil aviation passengers 190 million person-time, down almost 73% from last year's Spring Festival.Among them, the railway 31.12 million person-time, fell by 67%, road 150 million, down 73%, water 2.78 million person-time, fell by 80%, the civil aviation 8 million person-time, 57% decline.24 days before the Spring Festival (January 10 solstice on February 2nd), railway, road, waterway and civil aviation passengers 1.285 billion passengers, is expected compared with the same period last year dropped by 27.4%.

It is understood that after the outbreak, the Ministry of Transport level Ⅱ immediately start emergency response and issued an urgent notice, project deployment in and out of wuhan transportation control, contain outbreaks spread by passenger cars, such as work, make full transportation and epidemic prevention work.

Organization at the same time, the Ministry of Transport Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Administration of Customs, national post office, the national railway group, China post group and other units set up the logistics office, materialization 24 hours running, docking provincial emergency transport demand and provide timely support capacity, to coordinate, iron, male, water, air, postal, such as the mode of transportation, emergency supplies, daily supplies, major production supplies and medical personnel and other kinds of emergency transportation security work.Strict implementation of the green channel policy, security and epidemic prevention emergency transport vehicles without a stop, do not check, do not collect fees, priority and convenient traffic.

In addition, the reporter also learned that affected by the epidemic, February 2, the civil aviation administration issued by the "about to do during the Spring Festival return new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work of the notice, the requirements for civil aviation units should do a better job of prevention and control of civil aviation, ensure for all passengers to carry out the temperature test roads, good unified fill in passenger information card, etc, and suggests to fly passengers to wear masks.During the civil aviation administration requirements, epidemic prevention and control, the transport airport except in accordance with the requirements for local governments to carry out the passenger temperature detection, should also ensure that all passengers entering and leaving port for temperature detection, should check all do it.For fever passenger, to be found in time, timely report, timely treatment.Each transport airlines flight to strengthen domestic passenger information collection work, unified fill in passenger information registration CARDS, international flights health declaration work executed in accordance with the relevant requirements of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine.