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Dongguan metro line two line debugging next month

Date: 2015-04-24

Dongguan metro line twowill be transferred to thefullcommissioning stagenext month.According to the plan,will be inthe end of this yeartest run.Reporterslearnedfrom theDongguan city Orbital Corporation:at the end of thetest runstage,may alsoinvite the publicto experience,to feelthelarge passenger flow insubway station gatesdrills.

How toafter the subway opened,the fare?Orbital Corporationresponsible person said: theformulationis stillfares,farebefore,must bethroughthe hearings,listen to the views of the public.According to the person in charge:there will be at leasttwofares,forhearing tochoose.

First testedin the eastsection ofthe vehicle

At present,the rail transit line twohas been basically completedcivil works,the trainhasarrivedin Dongguan,is to installandrepairstationelectrical and mechanical equipment.Located in the city centerdistrictof Xiping Railway Station,thestation mechanical and electricalinstallation and decorationengineeringhas beenentering the construction,and in accordance with theconstructionplanin an orderly manner.Deputy general manager oflimited company ofcityrail transitconstructionin XipingZhang Yanping said: "thisstation has completedthe entire station,mainly to donow is toinstall andrepairelectricallarge-scaleequipment,escalators andshielding doorbasicallycompleted thecommissioning phase,probablynext month will betransferred to theline."

Zhang Yanping said:"each systemto separatedebugging,such as rail,communication,specifically how to adjust,to rely on thetrainrun toadjust.Becauseonly the trainmovingin the tunnel,you knowwhether there is ablind spot,ShiBushiachievefull coverage."

Previously,the Orbital Corporationresponsible person said,in May this year,thenorthis theDongguan Railway Station,HongfuRoad Station--this section,debugsystem.In April 15th,the Orbital Corporationresponsible person told the reporter,next month,2 lineswill be fully transferred to thefullcommissioning phase.

At least two sets ofpricehearing program

According to theOrbital Corporation's plan,the next monthentered the commissioning phase,because the subwaydebugginginvolving multiple systems,eachsystemsuch aspower systemdebugging,andjoint debuggingofsystem,therefore,will also usemore than half the timeforsinglesystem and multisystemjoint debugging.That is to say,according to the plan,the fastestto the end of this year,will begin aline 2 traintest run.

Orbital Corporationresponsible person:in the absence ofpassengertrain,trainandSecretaryfor at least 3 monthsbydrillingoperation."We willtryrunningin no-load,invites the public toexperience the earlyexercise,insomelarge passengergates,willinvite the public toexperience."

After the completion ofa series of debuggingandtrial operation,in May next year,the public is expected tosit on theDongguan's firstsubwaytrain.Inbefore the subway opened,the public is most concerned about ishow to makethe subwayfare.In the local community,forumand somegovernmentwebsite,manynetizensspeculated:Dongguansubway fares,willalso expensive than Guangzhou?

Dongguansubway faresfor theformulation of the problem,Dongguan city Orbital Corporationrelevant responsible person said:in the farebefore,must bethroughthe hearings,listen to the views of the public."According to my understanding,there will be at leasttwofares,forhearing tochoose.The tickets will beindustry standard reference,the Pearl River Deltaand the Dongguansubwayfarescross town busstandards and other factors,a comprehensive pricing."(reporter / Guo Yangyang)