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Dongguan international trade outside the "single window" to build free trade area construction examination and approval ", dc speed"

Date: 2016-01-02

Keep the steady development of foreign trade, to steady growth, structural adjustment, promote the competitiveness of the country is very important.Work to strengthen and improve the port, construction convenient, highly effective, fair and transparent customs clearance environment, this year, the dongguan comprehensive start the "single window" construction, international trade building, covering investment, trade, customs clearance service and the authority of the "one-stop" the open economy integrated service platform."Single window" will promote foreign investment management services and dongguan is pilot reform, such as building free trade area outside the examination and approval of "dc speed".
Dongguan city business bureau officials said, a move that will better serve and promote the development of the dongguan open economy, strive to explore free trade area in the province and the state of "single window" construction provides copy, can promote the experience.At the same time, is beneficial to improve the level of the dongguan open economy, docking "area all the way" the national major strategic deployment, particularly with asean countries on investment and trade practice.It is reported that Japan and South Korea, the asean countries and dongguan other major trading partners are mostly realized the "single window"."Single window" is also become the standard configuration of domestic free trade zone.
For enterprises, construction of a "single window" to further promote trade facilitation, simplify the process, improve efficiency, reduce the cost.Dongguan municipal committee of the reform of the relevant person in charge of office, for example, if in a "single window" humen port construction, ship railway time will control within 12 hours, general 10 hours.This will greatly saving the cost of storage, shipment, etc.At the same time, it will also further implement transparent norms of administrative services.
The government act to speed up enterprise cost down
Guangdong is the largest foreign trade, dongguan is one of the foreign trade market."Area" in 2014, in the face of construction upsurge, dongguan in-depth implementation of provincial government work deployment, takes the lead in creating the 21st century leading maritime silk road city, build new pattern of opening to the outside world, gradually draws the outline of a roadmap "guan xiang silk road".Due to the change of situation at home and abroad, the dongguan actively adapt to the new normal economy, build a new pattern of the open economy, foreign investment management services in reform pilot work brought the extraordinary courage.
Dongguan city business bureau officials said that the so-called "single window" construction, is the enterprise just dealing with a "window", is one of the important measures to improve international trade facilitation is implementation from "series of law enforcement" to "law enforcement" in parallel to effect change.As a matter of fact, this kind of reform ideas have multiple local practices in the field of foreign trade in dongguan.Dongguan in the country take the lead in implementation of the foreign capital enterprise market access "card 'for more, and to strengthen the" single window "concept and operation, and has set up a first to carry out the exploration in the field of import and export customs clearance, etc.
"More card seec" through online seec way more, simplifying the departments for approval, to optimize online, through project from registration to the formal opening of the "one-stop" service chain.According to the measure, after the reform, the newly established foreign-invested enterprises do his 10 licenses from the original need 2 months to half a year's time, reduced to 3 to 4 working days;53 samples from the original field needed to provide material was reduced to 25, reduced by 53%.
As the birthplace of the Chinese "processing trade", in advance of reform and opening up, dongguan in 2010 to become the first pilot city transformation and upgrading of processing trade of the country.In the process of exploring "touch stone across the river", dongguan is bold to emancipate the mind, in the service management, investment promotion and capital introduction, and promote the transformation and upgrading, etc., created a lot of features.
For example, has brought in a "1 + 10" transformation and upgrading of processing trade policy, the transformation and upgrading work, on the basis of achieved results stage, dongguan again explore innovation issued "four system";In the national first "quartet networking", on the basis of "eight party networking" dongguan again innovation implementation;On the basis of the investment promotion and capital introduction, one-stop services, investment promotion and capital introduction dongguan innovation mechanism, to establish "API" mechanism, the promotion project created "speed", "dongguan fall to the ground.
From series to parallel, from multiple Windows to a single window, examination and approval in shrink, handle affairs in speed, resulting in the decline of enterprise cost the government efficiency improvement.In recent years, dongguan, vigorously promote the construction of online business hall, to provide enterprises with convenient approval service, provides citizens with innovative service mode, provides a coordinated regulatory pathway, department for construction of international trade "single window" to lay a solid foundation.