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The central media focus dongguan lead hot new foreign investment is greater than out of foreign capital

Date: 2016-01-02

"World factory" at the dongguan manufacturing, often become the focus of public opinion.Since last year, the doomsayers voice from dongguan economy, aroused public concern.Recently, the People's Daily, CCTV, such as the central media focus in dongguan, dongguan people read the book, the foreign capital enterprise development to the reports, on the Internet.
On April 6, the People's Daily reported that is seen as a "cultural desert" dongguan for a long time, to lead the nationwide reading "the city of public cultural services" construction, invest 173 million yuan to build a total area of 44654 square meters of city library, then 51 branch, 102 TuShuZhan covers all evaluated integratedly, community again.Rise of the knowledge of the oasis in the desert, to construct "the library city".
On April 3, CCTV broadcast "focal point interview", better investment environment.The whole report to dongguan as the breakthrough point, about China's foreign economic structure optimization and transformation and upgrading.Reported that the recent "the foreign companies are mass evacuation of China".Reporters recently specifically on this question to the foreign manufacturing intensive dongguan were investigated.
Have net friend say, rapid growth in China's economy on to a standard under the background of "new normal", dongguan also inevitably shift gear into the economic growth period, throes of structural adjustment, economic growth engine of transformation and change the way of economic development.But the effect of the change?
On April 10, CCTV "news broadcast" headline "attracting foreign investment quality double rose in China", in dongguan, for example about the transformation and upgrading of our country foreign economy.Show to see, in 2014, dongguan closure of a foreign-capital enterprise has 428, including the industry well-known enterprises such as nokia, lian sheng technology, investment of $650 million.Meanwhile, 465 new foreign investment enterprises, investment of $4.3 billion, and this year dongguan introduce foreign service project 260, more than the manufacturing for the first time.
CCTV special interviewed Zhang Yansheng, secretary general of the academic committee, national development and reform commission (NDRC), he argues, low product added value, small amount of investment of foreign-funded enterprises out of China in succession is ongoing in China brings the inevitable result of the macro economic structure adjustment.
Netizens to analysis, the central media continuous attention to dongguan, because the dongguan in the manufacturing of samples, the dongguan question also extended to the whole world of manufacturing in China.Another netizen contact nokia failed two days clean the office supplies news recently, think of relevant report effectively response the thus doubts.
The rule of "economic change and people's metabolism, we want to reminiscing about the past, but also want to see a new life."A netizen said.JinYanMing
As a whole: JinYanMing