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Seventy percent of the accidents are "not comity pedestrian"

Date: 2016-01-02

On April 21, dongguan city, the third published within the jurisdiction of the people's court in the first quarter of the traffic accident report in criminal cases.The court accept criminal cases, 33 cases of traffic accident in the first quarter, 19 has made a decision, be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years of 2 people, be sentenced to more than one year shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years of 13 people, 4 people were sentenced to one year shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more, be probation 6 people, the ruling of 19 cases of a total of 17 people have been killed 3 people seriously injured in traffic accident.
Ninety percent of the victims of the road the pedestrian
Dongguan, a third, according to the analysis of the people's court to have the judgment of 19 cases, for example, in the first quarter of this year's traffic accident crime presents the following characteristics: one is the crime subject is given priority to with 20-30 men between the ages, more than forty percent of the total number.Subject of crime case shall in the first quarter of 19 people, all are men.In 20 to 30 years old the majority of men, accounts for about 42% of the total number.The second is a high incidence of accident time for 20 at 5 PM in the evening.According to statistics, in the evening at 5 PM is accidents period, accounting for 42% of all cases, the other for 13 to 19 PM, afternoon again for 6 to 12 in the morning.If in a single moment calculation, in the middle of the night when 24 and 14 PM for high-risk moments, each accounted for 15% of the total number of cases, followed by 20 PM and 6 in the morning, each accounting for 10% of the total number of cases.3 it is the cause of the accident is not more comity pedestrian, accounts for nearly seventy percent of the cause of the accident.The cause of the accident are mainly not according to stipulations comity pedestrian 13, 68% of the cause of the accident.Followed by five for drunken driving, accounted for 26% of the cause of the accident.Other causes include violation of semaphores, speeding, careless astern.Four is the victim to pass the road pedestrian accounted for ninety percent.
Learned, dongguan city, the third since 2012 a total of the people's court accepts the traffic accident of 467 criminal cases dealt with 141 cases of traffic accident of 2012, 2013 of 146 traffic accident cases in 2014 dealt with 2014 cases of traffic accident cases, the type of case showed a trend of rising slightly.
Court remind any rational treatment after the accident
In the face of a high number of traffic accident cases, dongguan city, the third to the citizens of the people's court puts forward some Suggestions:
It is comply with traffic regulations, driving civilization.Strictly abide by the road traffic laws and regulations, abide by the light indicator, comity pedestrian, do "three points better stop, don't rob a second".Maintain peace of mind, is not hot-tempered met traffic jam is not urgent.Keep in mind the "drive don't drink, don't drink and drive" iron law, no chances.
Second, after the traffic accident, rational treatment.Shortly after, take the initiative to report to the police, rescue the wounded actively, don't be a luck to escape.After the incident, take the initiative to compensate for the losses to the victims' families, for the victim's family.
Third, related departments to reinforce and penalties.Through the investigation, exposure, transferred to judicial organs series means such as form a safe driving education high pressure situation.According to the traffic police department, will further increase the traffic accident investigation dynamics, scrutiny "drunken driving", "YeZha", "SanChao a fatigue" rectification action, such as drunk driving, speeding, overloading, traffic violations such as driving without a license.Court will transfer of procuratorial organ's traffic accident criminal cases strictly in accordance with the law, increase the penalties.