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Dongguan held three business training "three old" transformation projects

Date: 2016-01-02

Dongguan sunshine solstice 28 December 30, "three old" for united in dongguan city land, agriculture, land tax department, continuous village enterprise cooperation transformation, project tax guidance, project examination and approval of land three games such as "three old" transformation project business training, to participate in the "three old" transformation of head enterprises and related business personnel, a total of more than 1000 people to participate in the training.
On December 28, "collective economic organization and guidance on enterprise cooperation reform" special training, in the "three old" office, agriculture bureau of dongguan collective economic organizations and enterprise cooperation to implement the "three old" transformation operation guidelines "has made the detailed interpretation, focuses on the method of cooperation, investment evaluation, collective review for the major issues of the democratic decision-making process, and other such matters through the case form remind in signed a cooperation agreement, the company's articles of association and cooperation should pay special attention to matters of income distribution, etc.
On December 29, as "the" three old "transformation project tax guidance" special training.City "three old" do first to trainees firstly introduces the basic concept of the "three old" transformation in dongguan background, the transformation pattern and the basic process.Subsequently, tax, tax bureau of comrade in detail the "three old" transformation project of tax-related link, combing the content such as tax, project information, and through the 6 cases, corresponding to unscramble the holder of the original land use land cost confirmation, reformed village cooperation land cost confirmation, housing renovation project company (a property and relocated) problem, land house acquisition, "three one" problem, land cost accounting boundary problem "three old" transformation fords the tax treatment of hot issue.