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The New Year in colorful

Date: 2016-01-02

Around the year comes, the dongguan organized various kinds of celebrations, people enjoy a cultural feast, greeting the New Year.
Changan, the activity of core values Spring Festival couplets to send m start
The first day of New Year, more than 100 dongguan calligrapher's theme park into the province of socialist core values - changan park, or her at the scene, start the changan town "hundreds of core values m campaign for Spring Festival couplets", this morning send out of the 2000 Spring Festival couplets.The Spring Festival couplets on core values as the theme, the content of the popular.
Pupils Qin Zhengtong: "at the time of writing (spring) can also let me know about core values more profound, must love his own country, to be honest."
Dongguan good man Xiong Yuxiang: "the core values and write Spring Festival couplets together (very good), I hope everyone to participate."
Citizen: "we are all come from different places and meeting New Year's day is a holiday together, feel like this is the atmosphere of harmony and unity."
Citizen: "there are a lot of children and in-laws in writing (spring), feel good."
The next months, changan town will organize hundreds of calligraphers and calligraphy lovers walked into companies, communities and community, for the enterprise employees, a line of police, fire fighters, sanitation workers, medical workers and other obligations to write Spring Festival couplets, the blessing to the families at the same time, the ink will turn into the socialist core values into the masses life.
DaLang love "number one" activities to warm the heart
Today also DaLang town brand "number one concern" activities held in the day of in DaLang hair trade center square, justice, social security, magnolia family service center, DaLang hospital more than ten units and departments, such as the market.i instruction in service to the general public, provide free consultation, free clinic, parent-child activities, and rich and colorful activities such as Spring Festival couplets.
Citizen: "I feel quite good of, provide some advice for ordinary people, and to provide a lot of similar services, I feel quite good."