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Dongguan: exploit market segment turning into hotel gripper

Date: 2016-06-30

With the advent of summer, the annual peak tourist season kicks off, in addition to the travel agency in the busy, dongguan high star-rated hotel industry also not idle, have power to develop tourism holiday market.

Such as originally as a golf course project of form a complete set of mission hills dongguan hotel, pushing a variety of summer camp this year, including tennis, swimming and golf summer camp, in addition to scout camp and musical summer camp.After the modification of hotel for part of the room, increase forest, sea and space, the children room and ovary.

And goodview SanZheng hillside villa hotel, this year also using its own sports resource advantages, introduced a summer theme activities, such as host of designed for children aged 6 to 12 parent-child activities over the weekend, with water sports such as basketball, water stage, water tug-of-war game, attract parents and guests to leisure vacation.

Resources is not only those who have a holiday hotel in parent-child market force, even some positioning pure business five-star hotel, is also trying to revitalize their own resources.International hotel, houjie town, this is a pure business hotel, there is no natural vacation resources, on the arrival of the summer vacation for parent-child market launch of the "small, general manager of growing season products, professor of children manners, cooking, making the bed, and management of practical skills.

There are many similar cases.From the main reception business travellers, transition to the market segment, expand the parent-child holiday customers, it is a microcosm of the dongguan hotel industry transformation.

Since early 2014, after the storm, the dongguan hotel industry suffered "cold current", once fell into the downturn situation.And it seems to the personage inside course of study, consolidation is just one factor lead to dongguan hotel industry downturn.

For a long time, the dongguan hotel industry to boom is the biggest relying on its powerful manufacturing industry, and in the process of industry transformation and upgrading, the existing passenger flow structures have also changed.Due to the implementation of "after eight" official consumption reduced, and the effects of changes in the structure of passenger flow to further enlarge.

In order to adapt to market changes, the dongguan hotel industry in the transformation of the market segment, and according to the existing resources mining potential.When business guests, the hotel resources limited, how to increase the utilization rate of guest room, restaurant, hotel managers first consideration.While with the increase of car ownership, and parent-child market consumption rising, for the development of niche products will undoubtedly.

After the dongguan hotel sales director, told me, before speaking of dongguan hotel in the sense that gives a person is more business, and summer market opening of parents and children, also can let the outside world to realize the dongguan hotel is suitable for children, is suitable for family vacation.

The author thinks that the hotel is always place for business activities, especially dongguan hotel industry, determine its main business income is the number of business meetings and business travelers.Business travelers stay, however, there is also a prosperous off-season, the large-scale exhibition, the annual meeting of the season, the hotel's idle resources rate will be relatively high, this will increase the hotel's operating costs - just past good, highlighted the problem is not just.

As the dongguan hotel golden age in the past, into the silver age of dongguan hotel owners if no intention of turning, the property use change, but choose continue to stick to in the industry, so the problem in front of them, in fact is similar - open up markets, natural resources, improve efficiency.

To revitalize the high rate of idle resources, must through the housing condition of the hotel, catering and recreational services such as segmentation, according to the needs of market segment combination collocation, then introduce the different types of products.Like all these hotels parent-child summer vacation product, is the result of segmentation after restructuring and docking the market demand for resources.

Although, dongguan hotel industry develop parent-child market, may not be a fundamental impact on hotel revenue, but in this period, or can be a hotel in the transformation of gripper.According to the similar ideas, can help the hotel tap potential, to improve management, improve the competitiveness.