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With the most expensive ticket at 769 yuan, who gave Shanghai Disneyland the courage to raise the price?

Date: 2021-07-15

Price adjustment three times in five years, the reason is geometric

Shanghai Disneyland, fulfill my fairy tale dream, childhood fairy tale fantasy, girl heart, princess dream, will be satisfied here. However, in the real world, "dream" is "clearly priced", and the threshold of "dream" is getting higher and higher...

According to the Shanghai Disney resort website announcement released since January 9, 2022, the Shanghai Disney resort will be under the current level 4 fare structure adjustment of Shanghai Disneyland ticket prices, among them, the regular day tickets for 435 yuan, the special regular day tickets for 545 yuan, peak day tickets for 659 yuan, special peak day tickets for 769 yuan. In addition, annual card prices remain unchanged.

In fact, this is the third time Shanghai Disneyland has adjusted its ticket prices since it opened in 2016. When Shanghai Disneyland opened in 2016, it adopted a two-tier pricing system, with 370 yuan for weekday admission and 499 yuan for peak admission. Since June 2018, Shanghai Disneyland has added peak holiday tickets to normal and peak tickets, and implemented a three-tier pricing system until 2020. Starting from June 6, 2020, Shanghai Disneyland has changed its three-tier ticket structure to four tiers, namely regular day tickets, special regular day tickets, peak day tickets and special peak day tickets. Compared with the current fare, the four-tier ticket prices to be introduced in 2022 will rise by 36 yuan, 46 yuan, 60 yuan and 70 yuan, respectively.

Similarly, Shanghai Disneyland has announced ticket price increases. On the other side of the world, the recently reopened Disneyland Paris also announced that it would switch from a free speedpass to a charge, costing between €9 and €15 each, depending on the number of visitors.

Some industry insiders believe that behind this series of operations, Disney is eager to make up for the loss of the closed park. That analysis found support in Disney's latest financial figures, which showed a decline in both its parks and its park-related businesses.

On May 14, the company announced financial results for its fiscal first half and second quarter ending April 3, 2021, with revenue from Disney's parks, experiences and products business dropping 49% from a year earlier to $6.61 billion. Disney's revenue from its U.S. parks was 文章.735 billion, down 58% from a year earlier. Revenue from parks outside the U.S. was $262 million, down 45% from a year earlier; Consumer products revenue was 文章.176 billion, down 13% from a year earlier.

"In 2020, Shanghai Disneyland will receive 5.5 million visitors, down 48 percent year on year, and its annual revenue will also drop 46 percent year on year," Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Culture and Tourism Bureau, said at the 2021 Shanghai Tourism Industry Summit Forum.

To this, the China association of amusement parks (CAAPA) Marketing Department minister Yang Mingze put forward different views, he thinks, regardless of the price and the price is the supply and demand, in terms of the current domestic environment, high-end tourism products have market after the outbreak, which is supporting one of the important factors that increase in the price of Shanghai Disneyland.

Lin Huanjie, president of the China Theme Park Research Institute, said, "It is a normal business behavior for Disney to adjust ticket prices as its marketing tools are in place, its market share is increasing, and the trust of tourists is increasing. Many domestic and foreign cultural tourism projects and even real estate projects will adopt this strategy of "starting low and going high". On the other hand, Shanghai Disneyland has not only expanded its operating area but also added new projects, which is an important basis for its price adjustment."

Will the price increase affect Disney

In the face of this wave of Disney prices, the network of fugitive princes and princesses in addition to ridicule, also do not forget to call competitive products in the industry.

Apart from the one-sided "ridicule" brought by the netizens, what kind of impact will this increase bring?

"There are only two Disneyland parks in this part of China, and actually only one in mainland China," Yang said. "Because of this scarcity, and because children are insensitive to price, parents tend to pay more for their children's consumption. In the short term, the price increase may affect the choice of some price-sensitive tourists, but in the long term, it is not a bad thing. It may reduce the operating pressure of the park and thus improve its service quality."

The price rise of Shanghai Disneyland from January 2022 May have a certain impact on the newly opened, comparable project Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park, but it seems to have little impact on the local scenic spots that netizens are "desperately" supporting.

"The scale and brand influence of Shanghai Disneyland is much bigger than that of local theme parks, and it is difficult to convert the lost customers of Disneyland to local brand theme parks. Shanghai Disneyland's price adjustment is based on full consideration, and if domestic theme parks follow suit, it will have a serious impact on their customer flow." Lin Huanjie emphasized.

Are tickets the most profitable form of income

Disney is not a charity after all, and although it sells dreams to protect the innocence of children, profit must come first. But isn't there a more respectable way for Disney to make money besides tickets?

According to China's tourism research institute issued by the Shanghai Disney resort area of happy travel trends report, according to early to experience the amusement items play different goals, today's visitors after entering the Shanghai Disneyland, in addition to the experience in line project, see the performance, to interact with the Disney friends, taste the delicious food and buy time theme product preferences become more and more obvious. Other data show that Disney tourists spend 2-3 days in Shanghai, and the average per capita spending ranges from 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

"Secondary consumption is indeed a growth point valued by theme parks such as Disneyland. In the international aspect, Disneyland and Universal Pictures rely on the development of IP industry chain, which greatly enriches their revenue sources, and the proportion of tickets is relatively low. However, it has been a problem for a long time for theme parks in China to rely on entrance fees. Although Chinese theme parks are developing in a good direction, there are a lot of good theme parks. The trend is good, but the development takes time." Yang Ming said.

According to Lin's analysis, although it is simple and crude for Disney to raise ticket prices to increase revenue, its way of raising ticket prices is actually "full of tricks" and "wisdom".

First of all, according to the announcement, the fare will not be adjusted immediately, but will be implemented until January 9, 2022, which means that a number of tourists will travel or buy promissory tickets before the increase. , on the other hand, in addition to the rises, Shanghai Disneyland has carried on the new partition to level 4 fare structure, according to the actual circumstance of the Chinese market to subdivide the tourist season, statutory holidays more pricing, among them, the Chinese legal holidays and paid leave off divisions to peak day tickets and two types of special peak day tickets, and, The fare increases on peak and special peak days are greater than those on regular and special peak days.

"Since there is a big gap between weekday passenger flow and peak passenger flow, the price adjustment is higher in peak period, while the price increase is lower in normal period. This move is aimed at allowing guests to adjust their travel time, so as to narrow the gap between weekday and peak passenger flow. "Lin Huanjie told New Travel. "On the basis of the ticket price increase, Shanghai Disneyland is also actively expanding the park and renewing the project. In the five years since Shanghai Disneyland has been in operation, the first expansion, Disney-Pixar, opened in April 2018, and the second expansion, Zootopia, is on track to open in 2023."