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Ctrip: with Spanish beauty leah hotel flagship store

Date: 2019-05-22

In China under the background of the inbound lasts hot and recovery, China's tourism enterprises still have what can excavate the potential of point and development direction?"Globalization" may be an answer.

On May 20, orange tourist from many learned: Spain's top beauty leah hotel group (hereinafter referred to as the "beauty leah") with ctrip exclusive formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will be at the flagship store level related to cooperation.

At the same time, it was announced that "three business" focus on globalization, and a strategic cooperation with ctrip international well-known hotel group.Ctrip, vice President, accommodation, chief commercial officer Chou jung said, "this agreement will ensure the ctrip to continue to promote better customer experience, and for all partners adding value."

According to media reports, the United States, in the Chinese market in 2016 launched the "friends" welcome services, hope to provide a comfortable experience for Chinese travelers.For further "localization" in China, in June 2017, beauty and leah had active cooperation with ctrip, when the cooperation of both sides is "further in big data and marketing cooperation, service, product exchange deepening cooperation".

It is reported, compared with the previous, this cooperation is further conducted a "focus", namely around "flagship" to cooperate.Specific see, beauty and leah will on ctrip PC website and ctrip travel App to open their flagship store, the store will lead to more than 300 million ctrip users can obtain the leah nearly 400 hotels at special prices and other member preferential price.

"In addition to the preferential price, ctrip users can also obtain the integral accommodation and other preferential, and provide packing for ctrip user class products and services, such as flight and hotel packages."Chou jung said, "in addition, the two companies in the future will also introduce the member level matching plan, all levels of ctrip member, also can become beautiful, a member of the corresponding level."

Leah asia-pacific regional vice President in the United States Bernardo at Cabot view, in collaboration with major local companies is one of the key pillars of its development strategy, and the new agreement of ctrip marks the beauty another milestone in the hotel, and strengthen the partnership between the two sides.

Bernardo at Cabot also admitted that "such agreements will ensure that both sides continue to promote a better customer experience, and to all partners adding value."

Hotel the personage inside course of study thinks, through the cooperation, in the ascension leah hotel visibility and market share in China at the same time, will also provide better accommodation and convenient one-stop service, at the same time, also help to ctrip to speed up the ecosystem construction in international hotel.

Ctrip in 2018 full-year earnings data show: at present, ctrip hotel worldwide 140 cooperation.

It is understood that this is not the first time that ctrip with hotel flagship cooperation partners.Previously, ctrip with hyatt international hotel group, such as accor have the same cooperation, and won the market recognition.

It is important to note that in recent years, ctrip has been emphasized that "globalization", and Europe is also become the important area of the layout.Earlier, ctrip Edinburgh in Europe opened its first overseas call center, also recently made involved with Italy's official tourism cooperation, railway, aviation and so on multiple levels.

In fact, these actions, also accord with the new trend of current china-eu economic exchanges.Recent "reference news", according to the analysis of "service trade or be the highlight of china-eu trade and economic cooperation in the new period, the current clothing trade size does not match with the overall economic level, has great potential for growth."